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cara membuat motor metik jadi drag

Modifikasi Motor Matic

Specifications of Yamaha Mio Amore Modified by Boy Yakuza 123% UBON.
Piston Diameter 66 mm

Intake valves using 34 mm
Valve exhaust size 29 mm
Piston BOSS sixty-six mm
Ring Piston K the one hundred and twenty fifth.
Crank Stroke 12 mm, 110 mm cover
Camp. DKT pressman
Carburetor N PRO 32 mm mouth boring
Namhnoo air 45.
Namhnoo oil 140.
CDI using APITECH a tuning chart and APITECH 2009 / 1.
Spark Coil using N PRO Brands.
Battery YTX5 Magnum.
Spark plugs Magnum CR7-MEA9.
Set clutch 110 mm copper
Gear end 18 to 39.
Mane page. HONDA SONIC lathe drill some weight.
Gas Spontan/Throttle. Brembo.
Front shock absorber using TRUSTY Brands.
Rear shock absorber. using GAZI version HACKER.
Front wheel. COM U-SPEED Gold Size 1.20/17.
Behind the wheel. COM U-SPEED Gold Size 1.40/17.
Front tire MAXGRIP tune UP DUNLOP size 45/90-17.
Rear Tire MAXGRIP tune UP DUNLOP size 60/80-17.
Pad bit Wat Dan 24.
Front brakes using Brembo Brands.
Brake rear drum was a small hub.
Intake pipe to help replace the formula DKT Engineering.
Budget Modifications Author and vehicles Includes 90,000 Baht
For details/or more informations 081-976-8225, 086-243-3676, WWW.FCCI RACING.COM.
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Here's The Image of Yamaha Mio Amore. you can see the detail image of Motor Drag Yamaha Mio Amore by Drag boy Yakuza 123% UBON from Thailand.

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